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Cyclone Range Hood Inserts:
Reap the Benefits 

Did you know we provide range hood inserts for residential applications? For over a decade, Berenson has been a proud partner of Cyclone, a family-owned and Canadian operated business specializing in range hoods. Whether you’re a cabinet manufacturer, cabinet dealer or homeowner, everyone benefits with Cyclone inserts, from showroom sales and hood production to installation and aftercare service!

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Take Control & Build Value 

Specification switches, botched installations, poor profit margins and nonexistent aftercare service are just a few of the costly challenges that can arise from homeowner sourced range hoods. By specifying Cyclone inserts early in your projects you can take full control of the range hood process to generate revenue, standardize hood manufacturing, and offer homeowners and your business first-class aftercare service. It’s a simple, reliable, and profitable solution.

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First Class Warranty & Aftercare Service

Getting appliances serviced can be a headache inducing experience. In partnership with Cyclone, we proudly offer the best range hood warranty in the business. On top of it all, we can guarantee homeowners the fastest turnarounds on inspections, part replacements and aftercare service. You can depend on Berenson and Cyclone’s high-quality products and first-class customer service to keep homeowners happy, and most importantly, healthy!

The Warranty

1st year free parts and free in-home service


2nd year free parts and free in-store service


Motors are covered for 10 years

Standardize hood manufacturing, generate revenue and build value with Cyclone range hoods!


What Homeowners Say

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Why Choose Cyclone Inserts?

  • A range of CFM options for a variety of cooking applications.

  • Inserts cannot be seen at eye level. Your hood design takes the spotlight!

  • Built with 304 stainless steel, providing a sleek look and maximum durability. 

  • Bright, long-lasting lights illuminate the cooking area.

  • Convenient, easy-to-access 3-speed fan controls.

  • Multiple fan speeds save energy on lower ventilation settings.

  • Baffle filters are dishwasher safe and easy for homeowners to maintain. 

  • Mesh filter options efficiently filter and purify the air.

  • Multiple insert sizes to match any sized range and hood dimensions.

  • All range hoods have been tested and certified to meet CSA qualifications.

  • Grease cups included on some models for safe and easy disposal of grease.

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